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Musical Inspiration

I like music. Like, I realllyyy like music! Ok, I don’t like music that much, but I enjoy music – I enjoy music as much as anyone else. The stories that are told, the instruments that bring everything together, and the stories behind the stories – but mostly the way a good song makes you tap your foot … Continue reading

Government’s Iron Fist

I work in a unique sector that not many people are familiar with, but everyone has the displeasure of experiencing when they are applying for a job, filing out a loan application, or basically having their credit checked. As the economy has suffered, miraculously we have not experienced any noticable change in our business. Everyone has heard of … Continue reading

Are you listening?

I often find myself listening to the words that are too rarely spoken. Often enough, these are the words that are never said. Where do I come from and why am I here? What are the circumstances regarding my present condition and future ambitions? – these are some of the questions that I imagine others … Continue reading


Today I learned how to open my mind. Funny, the places boredom can take you. My boredom usually reaches its peak when I’m at work; where else? When boredom sets in, as it does around the same time every hour, I become lost in the wondrous world that is the internet. Boredom can make a … Continue reading