Musical Inspiration

I like music. Like, I realllyyy like music!

Ok, I don’t like music that much, but I enjoy music – I enjoy music as much as anyone else. The stories that are told, the instruments that bring everything together, and the stories behind the stories – but mostly the way a good song makes you tap your foot and sing along.

To get lost in somone else’s story – the experiences they have had that make them who they are – is surreal. It is a glimpse into another person’s life that gives us an opportunity to feel things that they have felt, to imagine a life that was, could have been, or might one day be.

Music lends a lot to our culture. It allows us to select what is important to us and what we believe in (whether it be booty calls or family values).

I like to have a wide selection of genres on my iPod available, ranging from classical to rap to country. There is something for every occasion, something to respond to every emotion. Some people prefer music that lifts them, motivates them to do something. Some people prefer music of praise, some prefer music that enhances a nightlife experience or a romantic encounter.

I prefer music that evokes an emotional response. The things that I take away from music relate to my life and past experiences. Music helps me remember things that I once experienced, or ties events together in a way that characterizes a personal experience. Music helps me think of things in ways I had never considered, and allows me to grow from theose experiences.

Currently, Taylor Swift and Josh Thompson seem to know me best. And John Mayer, sometimes. Together, these artists paint a pretty good picture of my life, an emotional response to the life I have thus far lived. Taylor, showing the more of the emotional side. Josh, showing a more personal country side with regrets and memories from a small hometown. John, showing what it’s like to want something but never having truely loved anything at all. David Nail also ranks in there somewhere, but I don’t yet know him well enough..

I have had many musical inspirations thus far, but Taylor is currently the one bringing it all together. She is just one of the musical icons of not just Generation Z, but also my generation, Generation Y. Most of us are just stuck in the middle.

Taylor has a way of singing songs that makes me want to stand outside of a beautiful girl’s window – maybe one in particular! – and sing a song in the hope that she will see what I see. I guess I am something of a hopeless romantic; the feeling of wanting someone so badly and not being able to have them; the feeling of knowing someone so well and being able to see an entire life with them – getting to a point where nothing else matters except for this person – and not being able to be with them.

The most difficult thing a person can do is put themself out there for others to judge. Taylor does this so well, telling stories that we can relate to – maybe not now, but her songs definitely take me back to a time when I was trying to figure out who I was (more so than I am now). Those awkward teenage years were worse for some of us who didn’t fit in with any group. I took on literally a dozen identities in high school. What I didn’t realize then is that I was trying to be other people instead of being myself. I didn’t have anything figured out but thought that everyone else did. If only I had realized that everyone else was doing the same…it’s not until we realize this that we realize how unique we are.

I recently started reading The New Yorker. They have an excellent profile which tells Taylor’s story better than I ever could. Definitely worth a read:



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