Today I learned how to open my mind. Funny, the places boredom can take you. My boredom usually reaches its peak when I’m at work; where else? When boredom sets in, as it does around the same time every hour, I become lost in the wondrous world that is the internet. Boredom can make a man think strange things, things that he would likely not consider, otherwise. The questions of Why and How come with every imaginable image, and suddenly you remember that at your fingertips lies the answer to each and every question. The internet suddenly becomes the gateway to understanding the intricacies of the universe.

The truth is, I learn more when I’m not working. And why shouldn’t I? When I am working, headphones in, my mind goes blank. I get into a rhythm that causes me to all but cease all neurological functions. I suddenly go into a frenzy where my eyes transfer knowledge without recognizing what it is that I see. Patterns become clear without me realizing that there is a sea of data to navigate through. What takes most nearly an hour is knocked out in ten or fifteen minutes. Suddenly it is as if I am awoken from a light sleep, brisk with anticipation of what the rest of the hour may bring.

Would I be more productive if I have more work to do? If my work had more purpose? Probably.

Could I open my mind through my work if it required more thought as to what I was doing? Most likely.

I am not saying that my work is not important. But really, who doesn’t reach a point where they no longer care? How long does this usually take? 6 months? 12? 24?

For me, it took 18 months of trying all that I could to be number one, which I was. People don’t seem to like coming in second, especially when a promotion or pay raise may be on the line. Now I am somewhere in the middle of the pack; not in the front and not in the back. Everyone noticed this drastic change in production. Yet no one seemed to care.

What the hell do they think I do all day?

When you’re always running in first place, it can be damn near impossible to gain the perspective of others around you. So slow down, let the others catch up. You can learn a lot about where everyone else comes from, how they got here, and what they plan on doing about it.

So what did I learn from this, you are dying to know? Well, I learned how to open my mind, of course! Do what you have to do, but do it well and do it efficiently. When you’re done, you will have ample time to find the answers to the questions that ail you. You can plan your next step. You can learn about yourself and the world around you. And you can find out what you can do to build yourself a better life!



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